**Databases list**

(non-Japanese Databases)

■Academic OneFile
■Apartheid: Global Perspectives
■Business Source Premier(EBSCOhost)
■CAS SciFinder-n
■Cochrane Library
■Empire Online
■EndNote Basic
■FBIS Daily Reports
■General OneFile
■HCPP (House of Commons Parliamentary Papers)
■International Nuclear Information System(INIS)
■Journal Citation Reports(JCR)
■Meiji Japan
■Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO)
■Oxford Bibliographies
■Oxford Research Encyclopedias
■RAI Archive
■Regional Business News(EBSCOhost)
■Research Source: Area Studies: Japan
■Research Source: Empire Studies
■Science Direct
■SciFinder-n → see "CAS SciFinder-n"
■Sunday Times Archive
■Visible Body

(Japanese Databases)

■eol(Company Information)
■Igaku chuo zasshi Web
■Westlaw Japan
■Web OYA-bunko
■Kahoku Shimpo Database
■Current Decision Support
■Kanpou information search service
■KikuzouⅡ visual (Asahi Shinbun)
■Today's Diagnosis and Treatment WEB
■Saishin kango sakuin Web
■CiNii Articles
■CiNii Dissertations
■JapanKnowledge Lib
■Shinpen Kokka Taikan
■Chiho Jichi Sogo Kenkyujo 1974-2015
■Prefectural Statistics Online
■NAOSITE(Nagasaki University's Institutional Repository)
■NIKKEI TELECOM(Nagasaki Shinbun, Nihon Keizai Shinbun)
■The Japan Institute of International Affairs
■Nishinihon Shinbun
■Medical Online
■Yomidasu Rekishikan(Yomiuri Shinbun)
■Ryukyu Shimpo

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About Databases

Databases is a collection of data organized in a manner that allows retrieval and use of data. This page provides an available major databases in Nagasaki University. Some databases is possible to access from off-campus.
※How to access from off-campus.

  • Select a subject from the left menu, click the banner of the database.
  • Some databases allows a limited number of simultaneous users to access, be sure to log off immediately when finished.
  • Please ask reference service section for the inquiry about databases.
   <Attention for use>
  • Use of electronic journals is subject to copyright laws and publisher license agreements.
  • Do not redistribute of data and the systematic download using computer programs is strictly prohibited.

List of Databases

  【non-Japanese Databases】

Academic OneFile
Business Source Premier(EBSCOhost)
Cochrane Library
EndNote Basic 
General OneFile
HCPP(House of Commons Parliamentary Papers)
International Nuclear Information System(INIS)
Journal Citation Reports(JCR)
Oxford Bibliographies [International Relations / Political Science / Sociology]
Oxford Research Encyclopedias [ Religion / International Studies / Politics ]
Regional Business News(EBSCOhost)
Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland (RAI) Archive
SciFinder Web Ver.  User registration page
Visible Body ※App Download Page
Web of Science 坂本地区限定

  【Japanese Databases】

eol(Company Information) 【2 simultaneous access】
Igaku chuo zasshi Web 【9 simultaneous access】
Academic Research Database Repository
Kanpou information search service 【1 simultaneous access】官報ID・PW
KikuzouⅡ visual (Asahi Shinbun) 【2 simultaneous access】
Today’s Diagnosis and Treatment WEB 【5 simultaneous access】
Saishin kango sakuin Web 【3 simultaneous access】
JapanKnowledge Lib 【2 simultaneous access】
Chiho Jichi Sogo Kenkyujo 1974-2015 Information) 【1 simultaneous access per area】
Prefectural Statistics Online:<kinki(1873-1912)><Kyushu/Okinawa (1873-1972)>
NAOSITE(Nagasaki University’s Institutional Repository. )
NIKKEI TELECOM(Nagasaki Shinbun, Nihon Keizai Shinbun) 【5 simultaneous access】
The Japan Institute of International Affairs
Nishinihon Shinbun 【1 simultaneous access】
Medical Online
Yomidasu Rekishikan(Yomiuri Shinbun) 【1 simultaneous access】
Ryukyu Shimpo 【1 simultaneous access】

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