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[Books for students] List of newly arrived

This is a list of newly arrived books which were purchased upon students’ requests and so on. You can view the list of each category by clicking on the corresponding links.(These lists are Japanese only.)

Books requested by students (Student request system)
Recommended books by teaching staff
Books selected by the special committee
Syllabus books

*To view the past years books list (Japanese only).

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How to search for newly arrived books

You can search for newly arrived books from the library Online Catalogue (OPAC), by specifying the library branch to search in, as well as the time of arriving.

Go to library Online Catalogue (OPAC)
  1. Open the library Online Catalogue (OPAC), then click on [Newly arrived books]from the menu on the upper side.

  2. Select the library branch and the time period of book arrival, then click [Start search].

  3. The search results will be displayed.
    You can view more details about any book by clicking on the title.

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Inquiry contact
Nagasaki University Library
Academic Information Management Division (Books Information section) (Ext. 2194)