Library usage guide for visitors

Library guide for visitors using Nagasaki University Library (Central Library, Medical Library, Economics Library).

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1. Range of use

Visitors (excluding graduates)
  1. Users who have been issued a User ID card may check out books from the Central Library and the Economics Library.
  2. User ID card will be issued only to residents of Nagasaki Prefecture.
  3. The Central Library will not allow you to enter the library even if you are issued a user’s card.
  4. Please contact each library for details on how to borrow items.
  1. Graduates who have been issued a User ID card may enter the library and check out books.
  2. User ID card will be issued only to residents of Nagasaki Prefecture.
  3. The Central Library does not allow entry during exam periods.

2. Issuance of User ID Card

Terms of use

Your current address is in Nagasaki Prefecture.

※The user ID card will not be issued to students of other universities, high school and so on.

Application process

Fill out the necessary information in the “Application form for user registration of Nagasaki University Library” (PDF)and submit it at either the counter of the Central Library, Medical Library or Economics Library.
Nagasaki University graduates and students of the Open University of Japan may use these user registration forms. (For graduates) (For students of the Open University of Japan)
(AcrobatReader is necessary to view the application forms)
The application forms are also provided at the library counters.

Documents necessary for application

Identification card issued by a public institution with which your contact information such as current address can be confirmed, including driver’s license, health insurance card, alien registration card and passport.
Graduates may need a document to prove their graduation such as a graduation certificate or diploma (copy possible). Students of the Open University of Japan may need a student ID card.

  1. The user ID card can be issued in approximately 30 minutes when applied for between 9:00 and 17:00 on weekdays.
  2. Though we try for a rapid response, please note that we may take longer to issue a user ID card, according to the application time and circumstances.

From the date of issue to end of March.
If a change occurs in your information after application, please make sure to contact the staff.

3. Temporary admission to use library materials for academic purposes or research studies

  1. Temporary admission use is limited to academic and research purposes.
  2. Please contact the holding library in advance regarding the materials you wish to view.
  3. If you apply by e-mail after 5:00 p.m. on a weekday, we will respond after 9:00 a.m. on the following weekday.
  4. If you arrive after hours (after 5:00 p.m. on weekdays, weekends, or holidays) without prior notice, our after-hours staff may not be able to accommodate you, and we may be forced to reschedule your visit for a later date. Please understand this in advance.

4. Opening hours

Opening hours and closed days vary according to each library. Please check the opening calendar before your visit.

5. Usage Notes

  1. Smoking is not permitted on campus, even outdoors.
  2. Parking for cars and bicycles is limited so please use public transport when you visit.

6. Access

See the Nagasaki University access general guidance.

7. Contact

Central Library



Medical Library



Economics Library