Use of Group Study Rooms


Only Nagasaki University students, faculty & staff may use the rooms.


library Room Capacity Hours Equipments
Cent. 1 10 people 100 min.
+1 extension possible: +100 min.
Whiteboard LCD monitor
2 20 peopleWhiteboard
LCD monitor
Interactive whiteboard
Med. 1 4 people 2 hours
+2 extension possible: 4 hours
2 4 peopleWhiteboard
LCD monitor
DVD player
3 4 people
Seminar 3-10 people
Econ. 1 6 people 90 minutes
+ extension possible
LCD monitor

※You can use a projector and HDMI Cables at the service desk. If you wish to use the equipment, please ask the staff.

How to Reserve

You can reserve a group study room through the Online Service ”MyLibrary”. (Click here for detail ※JPN Only)

*Please make a reservation at the service desk on the day of use only.

  1. Login to “MyLibrary” with your Chodai ID & password.
  2. Click “予約する” under “施設予約” in the left menu.
  3. Select Facilities, the date and time range you wish to reserve, and enter your contact information, number of people, and other necessary information.
  4. Confirm the reservation details and click “依頼する” to complete the reservation.
  1. Group study rooms may be reserved via the web in advance 1 month for up to 12 hours.
  2. Only one reservation per group per day
  3. If you do not show up 10 minutes after the start time, the reservation will be cancelled.

How to use

  1. Please pick up the room key at the service desk.
  2. When you have finished using the room, lock the door and return the key to the service desk.
  1. Please finish cleaning up during the usage time.
  2. After using the room, wipe down these desks, etc. with disinfectant solution.
  3. If there are no reservations for the next available time, you can extend the usage time.
    If you wish to extend the usage time, please ask at the service desk.
  4. In addition, please follow the rules of each library.


  1. Due to the prevention of infectious diseases, the number of people in the group study rooms is restricted.
  2. We ask for your cooperation in wearing masks, disinfecting hands and ventilation.
Central Library (Bunkyo Campus)



Medical library (Sakamoto Campus)



Economics library (Katafuchi Campus)