Nagasaki University Medical Library

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Library hours *Medical Library Calender

Every week day 8:30-21:45
weekend, National holidays 10:00-20:00

Closed on

  • End/beginning of year: December 28 through January 4
  • Summer vacation: August 13 to 17

Circulation service

  • You can borrow up to 10 books at once. Borrowing period is 2 week.
  • You can borrow books only. Journals cannot be lent.
  • Delayed returns of books will be penalized by not being allowed to borrow books for the same period as the delayed return.
  • You can extend your borrowing period only once, if no one is waiting for the book.
  • We have closed loan service just for students and workers can send up for books they want from Central Library or Economics Library of Nagasaki University.

Search for materials

Inter-library-loan (ILL)

When you want to borrow materials / photocopy from other libraries, you can apply for them on the websites or Library counter. more…

Ask a Librarian

You can get an e-mail assistance from a reference librarian when you can not locate the material you want to refer or you want to ask a help from a librarian in your study and research. E-Mail:
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